Notes on the Way

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Notes on the Way


7 October The material difficulties are aggravated 1 Paper icon.png
One must have endurance 1
Pessimism of the material consciousness 2
Matter to be transformed, not annulled 3
Call of the cells 3
Cells: a will to keep together 4
Power of rejection in the cells 5
Inertia not a quality essential to Matter 5
Mental constructions block receptivity 6
No need of formula of a Divine 6


12 January Bombardment by adverse forces 8 Paper icon.png
“No right to exteriorise myself” 8
Body must change from within 9
24 March Experiencing origin of inspirations and movements 10 Paper icon.png
Teach body to remain immobile 13
Aspiration and acceptance of supreme will in the cells 14
Cells experiencing transition 14
Physical yoga 15
21 August Transfer of power 16 Paper icon.png
Organisation of material mind 16
New way of perceiving 17
Organisation of material mind 18
Physical mind and material, cellular mind 18
Critical period during transfer of power 20
27 November Pulling at the Supramental 22 Paper icon.png
The vital and the Truth 23
Vision of humanity and the new creation 24
Effort of transformation reduced to small number 25
Humanity under the supramental influence 26
Period of transition painful 26
Impatience to “prepare” humanity has disappeared 27
Superior humanity with a human harmony 27
No stress for premature transformation 28
Sex, food and beings of transition 28
Body not ready to exist without food 29
Each one is what he must be 29


22 January Experience of life as expression of choice 30 Paper icon.png
Unreality of necessity and fatality 30
Illusion of life 31
Power to change circumstances 32
Transition to conscious functioning of the body 33
Habits of thousands of years to be changed 33
Acting on difficulties of the world 33
18 May LSD experiences 35 Paper icon.png
Subjectivity of vital images 36
Man’s relation with other worlds and beings 37
Man: potential master of all states 38
Man and the gods 38
The Supreme is the one reality 39
28 September Suffering pulls Matter out of inertia 41 Paper icon.png
Intensifying aspiration of the cells 41
True use of thought 42
Divine compassion 42
Suffering, progress and transforming action 43
The content of Ananda 43
30 September References to physical transformation: a letter of Sri Aurobindo 45 Paper icon.png
Passage from man to new physical being 46
Transformation not isolated from the world 51
Safety of the new beings 52
Spontaneous immortality not possible for present 53


11 January Without ego, feeling of insult impossible 54 Paper icon.png
Physical reaction to injury 54
Ego as an impersonal entity 55
Mother and the actions of others 56
The Lord laughs 56
21 January The cells are becoming conscious 57 Paper icon.png
Perception of true Matter 58
Replacing the physical ego 58
The body no longer resists 59
4 March Approaches to transformation 60 Paper icon.png
7 March Death 61 Paper icon.png
After death: contact with physical life 62
24 May Defining the Divine 64 Paper icon.png
Defining God 67
24 June Transition to a body moved by divine Presence and Consciousness 69 Paper icon.png
Transformation of man, or a new being? 71
Intermediary beings 72
Weight of habits, pessimism, earth atmosphere 73
Battle fought in the body 74
Material contagion 74
26 August The “good” and the True, the Truth 75 Paper icon.png
Realisation of the supreme vision in the mixed material world 75
Man’s vision is incomplete 76
Progressive manifestation 76
Suffering: progress in the presence of Inconscience 76
Progress in joy and harmony 77
30 August Experience in a place where material life gets re-organised 78 Paper icon.png
Translation and memory of subtle experiences 80
Madness and insincerity 81
Changing matter 82
The condition for transformation 83
15 November Matter as it is and divine existence 84 Paper icon.png
Inconscient must become conscious in divine way 85
Too rapid manifestation would dissolve earth 85
This instrument made to realise, not reveal 86
No stopping to tell the story 87
New Christs, Kalkis, Supermen 87
Aspiration in central consciousness of body 88
Cells feeling of living in eternity 88
The obscure work 89
22 November Prayer of the cells of the body 91 Paper icon.png
Now the body wants to participate 92
What is done in a single body can be done in all bodies 92
Awakening consciousness in the cells 93
A bodily consciousness independent of the vital and mental 93
Physical (material) mind converted 93
Mind and vital withdrawn 94
Body to become base for divine life 95
Change in consciousness of body far from manifesting externally 95
Material cells must receive and manifest consciousness 95
Stages in transformation 96
Superhuman being may pass unperceived 96
Artists and musicians: independent body consciousness 98
It is the body that aspires 98
Body rebuilt as a conscious being 99
Body has direct contact without any intermediary 99
Capacity to pass experience on to other bodies 100
Conversations among the cells 101
29 November Feeling of being a different person at each Darshan 102 Paper icon.png
Single consciousness can manifest in two bodies 104
Many beings, forces, personalities manifest through this body 104
Darshan of the 24th November 105
30 December Governance of body: intelligence replaced by spiritual consciousness 106 Paper icon.png
Laws of nature have lost their despotism 107


13 March Only That exists 108 Paper icon.png
In the material consciousness knowledge brings power 109
The “why” of suffering and evil 109
The person 110
16 March Creation of equilibrium 111 Paper icon.png
Separations 111
Fusion of opposites 111
Realisation for which universe created 112
Frailty of and eternity of the form 113
22 August Seeing people 115 Paper icon.png
28 August Onrush of a new creation 116 Paper icon.png
Visions of the future world 117
Questions by the body about Matter 119
Cells want contact with the true being 120
Penetration of supramental forces into the body 122
Mental and vital: passing instruments for grinding Matter 124
Perception of soul states 125
Most wonderful hours that one can have on earth 126
Vision of temples with living deities 126
Body experiences all states of consciousness 126
25 September Self-deception in good faith 128 Paper icon.png
Psychic cannot deceive, but lacks mental precision 129
Each acts according to his own limited consciousness 129
Problem of identification with the Supreme 129
Supramental being essentially different 130
Direct contact of psychic being with substance of the body 130
Valuation of vibrations 130
Mental precision, vital intensity and the Supramental 131
23 November Everything pervaded by divine presence 132 Paper icon.png
No new religions 133
Separation 133
“I have lived all the horrors of creation” 134
Changing the physical fact 135
Concentrating the Presence when seeing people 136
Notion of “descent” 137
There is nothing but the Lord 137
27 November The body’s knowledge through consciousness 139 Paper icon.png
Surrender of the body 140
What has caused separation? 140
Suffering and Ananda 141
21 December Mind and vital eliminated 143 Paper icon.png
The body left to itself 143
Rapid reversal of consciousness in the body 144
Can one body be transformed alone? 145
Time needed for collective change 146
Possibility of sudden change 146
Fragility simultaneous with feeling of eternity 146
Wonderful moments, hours of suffering 147


1 January Superman consciousness 148 Paper icon.png
4 January Superman consciousness: smiling, benevolent 149 Paper icon.png
8 January Superman consciousness identified 153 Paper icon.png
18 January Superman consciousness: a mentor and protecting power 154 Paper icon.png
15 February Superman consciousness: a mentor of the body 157 Paper icon.png
Superman consciousness: no half measures 159
22 February The immobility of the Inconscient 161 Paper icon.png
17 May Individuality and separation 165 Paper icon.png
Body experiences all states of consciousness 165
Next step of creation: return to the True Consciousness 166
State of being automatically one with Supreme Consciousness 168
24 May Body knows that death is no escape 169 Paper icon.png
The “why” of suffering 170
Perfect acceptance 172
28 May Only solution: direct contact of the physical with the Supreme 173 Paper icon.png
The body has taken its stand 173
31 May Auroville 174 Paper icon.png
Confusion in the world 175
19 November The why and how of creation 197 Paper icon.png
Unity and opposites 198
Separation and evolution 199
A clear vision: everything has its place 199
Time and equilibrium 200
Unity = power and rest combined 201
The individual centre of perception 203
The supramental consciousness 203
Supramental consciousness: must change appearances gradually 204
Grace acts so all may go as quickly as possible 204
Supramental consciousness: perception of perfection at each instant 205
Supramental consciousness: Truth imposes itself without pressure 205
Body’s experience of supramental consciousness 206
10 December Condition depends upon state of consciousness 208 Paper icon.png
Man must perfect himself without waiting for others 208
13 December Aphorisms of Sri Aurobindo 210 Paper icon.png
Suppression 211
Idea of good and bad prevents offering 212
Writing letters dictated by the Consciousness 213
Ego must disappear 215
Humanity clings in order to climb 216
27 December Everything comes to make you go forward 217 Paper icon.png
Physical experience uncertain source of knowledge 217
Non-intervention in the work of the Lord 218
Condition changes with attitude of consciousness 219
Presence of death and immortality 220
Body must be prepared to bear impact of experience 220


31 January Everything has been decided 221 Paper icon.png
Remnants of Falsehood cause of all ailing 221
Consciousness of totality and smallest detail 222
Body’s experience of death without dying 222
Change-over of authority in body and in nations 223
Individuals more sensitive as time of transition approaches 223
14 March Sri Aurobindo’s Aphorisms 224 Paper icon.png
The Action of the new consciousness 226
Mental construction makes you by-pass the truth 226
The body has truly changed 227
Change-over of authority: transition sometimes painful 228
Physical determinism no longer inevitable 228
Sri Aurobindo’s work in subtle physical 229
Change is done; details to be worked out 229
Victory of the superman consciousness 230
Battle in this body 230
20 May Mind is the greatest difficulty 234 Paper icon.png
27 June Mental expression of experience inadequate 235 Paper icon.png
Change of attitude changes suffering to bliss 235
Explanation of experience inadequate 236
1 July Psychic being will materialise as supramental being 238 Paper icon.png
Only what is not in accordance with Truth will be abolished 239
5 August The Consciousness working for sincerity 240 Paper icon.png
Body wants to go to school 240
Relations with others 241
Body without sense of personal limitation 242
New organisation of the body 243


11 January Physical sight and hearing replaced by identification by consciousness 244 Paper icon.png
16 January Experience during paralysis of leg 245 Paper icon.png
“I have changed very much” 248
Something in physical world not yet opened to the divine vibration 249
Matter being prepared to receive 250
3 March New way of seeing and hearing 251 Paper icon.png
Struggle against people who come here to be comfortable 252
1 May World in turmoil: one must rise above 253 Paper icon.png
Find the Divine in the world as it is 254
22 May Possibility of success 255 Paper icon.png
To be a limpid transmitter 255
Catastrophe or true victory 256
Pessimism is the demon’s weapon 256
Decisive victory over adverse forces 257
9 June Onrush of Falsehood 258 Paper icon.png
Body knows it exists only through the Divine 259
Time of ego has passed 260
17 July If the Supreme destroyed Falsehood, there would be no world any more 261 Paper icon.png
Vanity, deception 261
Cling to the Divine 262
Body knows what is going to happen 262
Universalisation of the body 263
21 July “I am beginning to know what is going to happen” 264 Paper icon.png
Human consciousness deforms divine Action 264
Passage from this life to that Life 265
28 August Ways of seeing the world 266 Paper icon.png
Nestle in the Divine 266
A dream veiling a Reality 267
1 September To exist only through the Divine 269 Paper icon.png
The converted physical will be solid 269
To create a physical capable of bearing the power 269
Appearance will be the last to change 270
What refuses to receive must fall away 271
29 September Illness is a falsehood 272 Paper icon.png
16 October Body’s condition depends on how it is linked to the Divine 273 Paper icon.png
Become conscious that all is divine 274
30 October A consciousness at the same time individual and global 275 Paper icon.png
Consciousness clear; can the body follow? 276
17 November Consciousness no longer a point but in all things 277 Paper icon.png
18 December Physical (body-) mind is being converted 279 Paper icon.png
“I have become another person” 280
The psychic and the transition 280
Body has given itself entirely 281
New way of seeing and hearing 282
Surrender and trust 282
One may live, die or live eternally 283
22 December Physical (body-) mind and the Supramental 284 Paper icon.png
Introduce faith into the subconscient 285
25 December We create difficulties 286 Paper icon.png
Things change physically according to attitude 286
Everything is a phenomenon of consciousness 287
The Divine Consciousness 288
Goal of creation 289


9 February Unified and un-unified consciousness 290 Paper icon.png
26 February The physical (body-) mind 293 Paper icon.png
Enveloped by the Divine 294
8 March A pressure for progress 297 Paper icon.png
The egoism of Matter 298
Body never stable unless linked truly to the Divine 299
Take the right attitude and the thing is done 300
Resistance of the subconscient 300
24 March “I had a body altogether new” 301 Paper icon.png
25 March Mother’s new body 302 Paper icon.png
2 April “We are here to prepare the way for the new creation” 307 Paper icon.png
“I am not old” 307
Heroism 307
“Tell your ego: ’your hour is gone.’ ” 307
12 April Human stupidity 309 Paper icon.png
Resistance of the subconscient 309
To be conscious of the Divine surpasses everything 310
To be a child sitting upon the mind and playing 311
6 May What is good is getting better; what is bad is getting worse 313 Paper icon.png
Values have intensified 314
Whole creation must want nothing but the Divine 315
Power of the Supramental 315
Truly a new world 316
The reign of ego must be ended 316
Descent of the supramental world 316
30 August Consciousness replacing thought 319 Paper icon.png
The true attitude and the imbecility of matter 320
“What Thou willest”—only refuge 321
25 October Subconscient contradictions rising up 323 Paper icon.png
To forget the Divine momentarily spells catastrophe 323
The Divine must do the battling 324
An image for fixing one’s attention 324
4 November The beatitude ready for us 325 Paper icon.png
Nestle within the Divine 325
8 November The supramental consciousness 326 Paper icon.png
Activity in perfect peace 326
20 December Sri Aurobindo 328 Paper icon.png
30 December Two extremes at the same time 330 Paper icon.png
The body has one prayer 330


7 February Only one solution for Falsehood 331 Paper icon.png
10 March “What Thou willest” 332 Paper icon.png

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