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“To Love Man” (Manush Bhajan)

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(Nolini Kanta Gupta:) “[In the earliest days] the Mother had been to us a friend and companion, a comrade almost, at the most an object of reverence and respect. I was now about to start on my annual trip to Bengal – in those days I used to go there once every year, and that was perhaps my last trip [1921]. Before leaving, I felt a desire to see the Mother. The Mother had not yet come out of her seclusion and Sri Aurobindo had not yet retired behind the scenes. I said to him, “I would like to see Her before I go” – ‘Her’ with a capital H, in place of ‘the Mother’, for we had not yet started using that name. Sri Aurobindo informed the Mother. … The Mother came in from her room and stood near the door. I approached her and said, “I am going,” and lay prostrate at her feet. That was my first Pranam to the Mother.”[1]

(Mother:) “I see someone like N., who obviously is an exceptional subject in the sense that he vibrates with the intellectual vibration (Sri Aurobindo used to say, and it is obvious, that of all those around him, he was the one who understood best), well, even for him ... it goes off at a tangent. It's not that he understands nothing, but it's at a tangent. It's a mitigated understanding, very slightly distorted, and which relates everything to the sense of the person, of the [Mother's] individual, so the thing loses all the ESSENCE of its value.... What I would like to be able to communicate is precisely that absence of individual.”[2]

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