News & Notes 838:Update from L'avenir d'Auroville

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838 icon.jpg   News & Notes 838
3 October 2020

Update from L'avenir d'Auroville

We write to you as your representatives to provide an update on the challenging situation we face. As you may be aware L'avenir d'Auroville/TDC is supposed to have 8-13 members selected by the community. When we joined the team there were 2 existing members. Since then two members stepped down and when Tejaswini's term ended in February that left just the two of us. Despite our requests for urgent support TDC was not included in the interim selection process held in March.

We are sincerely committed to our work to serve the community and help build Auroville, so have continued to work hard over the last few months. As detailed in our latest update report ( we have built technical teams as mandated by the community and taken forward the work necessary to build Auroville in a way that meets our community’s needs and aspirations.

We see that the teams we have established are inspired to work hard and serve the community but the situation we are in with just two Interface Team members is throwing up many roadblocks which prevent us from doing this.

The lack of Interface Team members means that:

  • We are unable to access funds from Auroville Foundation for our work (as they require us to have a minimum of three selected members as per standing order). Currently we have a few staff supported by BCC and a few volunteering their time but we are unsure how we can support other team members financially in these already challenging times.
  • We are unable to fund surveys and other works essential to progress more complex projects. This inability to move ahead with more complex applications is causing members of our community financial and emotional stress and preventing flow of much needed external funds into our economy at this critical time.
  • We are unable to make changes to improve processes or policies where we can see that there are gaps or that current ways of functioning are not meeting the needs of the community.
  • Team members are leaving due to frustration from the situation and lack of support from other working groups. This means that some functions - such as processing of applications - will have to be closed. We note with regret the financial and emotional stress this will cause for community members in need of housing and others impacted by this decision but in the current situation we have no other option.

Over the last months we have repeatedly asked other working groups for advice and support on how best to move forward, however we have not received any support to date.

We also do not understand why we were not included in the last interim selection process and why some options for the upcoming selection process do not include us either. We urgently require more members as the current situation is just not sustainable. We question on a daily basis whether we should continue in our roles or whether we should let the institution of TDC collapse. We only continue because we truly believe it is in the best interests of the community.

As your representatives we are sincerely interested to hear your thoughts on the situation we face and how best to proceed. We therefore welcome your comments and questions (at avenir (at) and will be inviting you to join us for a Q&A on Zoom soon.

Saravanan and Sreevatsa for L’avenir