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12 May 2018

The God’s Gift

“Yet we have held communion with the trees and flowers known, their secret essence shared, marveled at such miracles as these two spirits in the net of God ensnared” (Richard Eggenberger or Narad, “Poems to Mary Helen”, 2016, published in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, p.25).

On the World Book Day, April 25th, I met Walter (From Shakti) in Pour Tous. I said to him: “In Free Store I found a book of Eggenberger, published in Las Vegas” – “Was it only one copy of this book in Free Store?” – “Yes” – “Is it maybe in Auroville Library?” I visited our Library, they have only two Eggenberger’s books, “The Handbook on Plumeria Culture” and “The Handbook of Oleanders”.

Why was I so lucky to receive this God’s gift, Narad’s remarkable book from Las Vegas? Perhaps my karma is better than Walter’s and Library’s ones? I’m not sure. In 1991 I arrived in Auroville and met Dmitrii von Mohrenshildt in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. He was a former American Professor (Russian origin) and Narad’s friend. Dmitrii told me: “Narad was born in Switzerland and his mother was Russian. In Auroville Narad created a nursery for the plants, not so far from the Banyan (Auroville’s centre)”.

Sri Aurobindo knew Greek language very well but for me this language concentrates in one word only – “agape” (divine love). It is agape in Narad – to plants, to music, to his family. Dmitrii said to me that he brought the different orchids to Narad from America. I asked Narad’s daughter in Auroville:“Does your father like especially orchids?” – “No, he likes every plant”.

There is Chali’s photo in the Narad’s book on p.24: “Mary Helen with her daughter”. Maybe Chali was about two years old. It is possible to see agape between mother and daughter. There is a nice Japanese song: “Konnichi wa akachan, watashi wa anata no okasan” (I’m greeting you, child, I’m your mother).

It seems to me that Narad’s ancestor was among the king Arthur’s knights. And like Mahavira, Narad is a warrior against human consumerism and against planet’s deforestation. He is Earth’s healer. I’m so happy and proud with his book from Las Vegas. All nature is happy with me. Narad is a great poet of love and life.