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15 April 2017

Homage to Njal

In his own words, on the 5th anniversary of his passing April 17.

Yoga and the Cashews

Phase One:

I go on my toes, stretch my body and grab the first cashew apples. It makes "cling, clang" in the bucket. I circle around the tree. Then I leave the roaring sun go under the top where it is fresh and cool, climb up this old, gnarled trunk, shake it till I see and hear a cashew rain pouring down to earth producing a wind breeze. The shaking the tree shakes my body up and through. I jump down to the ground admiring a carpet out of red apples on brown leaves interrupted by golden sunlight spots making it here and there through the top. There is a branch left out of the shaking just four inches higher than my fingertips. I jump and hang on it starting to swing my body like a snake in waves. The branch answers and slowly joins my rhythm. The same pouring noise: Cashew apples with their nuts rain down. Relaxing my hands I drop to the ground with an extended body. I bend down to pick the apples into the bucket. Vertebra by vertebra opens up and moves forward, and backwards by straighten up. Now I go down on knees and hands - more like a cat bending its back: inside, outside - and dive under the twigs and branches touching the ground, twist body and head to the right and to the left, stretch the arms alternatively as long as I can to reach some apples there, where it is too dense for the body to follow. I roll my eyes up and down, in diagonals to find the fruits playing hide and seek with me. My body feels like a fish in the water doing naturally yoga without knowing its name. Finally I sit in a half lotus position and separate the apples from the nuts turning the body to its opposite sides. In between I always relax leaving the posture alone.
Hatha - yoga in the cashews!

Phase Two:

I try – different from the snake, cat or fish – to do everything with a strong discipline of awareness of what I am doing and how. No allowance of thoughts to gallop away. But I cannot avoid it to smile about my brothers and sisters I see (and they don't see me!!!) through these big layers of cashew leaves at 7 am jogging and cycling to keep themselves fit. And an hour or so later the same people pass by on their motorbikes on their ride to the Town Hall. Or others jump on their bikes to attend a gymnastic class in Pitanga or Quiet, in closed halls with air condition. My body feels fresh after all these exercises. My soul says "Thank You" and showers me with Happiness.
Integral yoga in the cashews!

Phase Three:

Auroville owns some 100 acres with cashew trees inside the city area and a few more hundreds in the greenbelt. It is said we are about 2000 residents here. If 1000 of them would spend every morning before working one hour to do Yoga in the cashews about five people would be available per acre to harvest the nuts. This way we would manage to harvest all our organic cashews without stress, without leasing, without polluting. On top we could bring the prices down for all of us and we would harvest additionally Happiness. Of such a thing Integral Yoga is capable to do to us. It could change our whole community, our economy, our health, our contact to each other and to NATURE and make us basically happy. Out of such a different approach to life totally new decisions how to organize our community, build it up would spring up: a sharing of our experiences, knowledge, skills, means, togetherness and a strengthening of our relationship with the aims of Auroville.
Are we, the real people present in this place, ready for the Collective Integral Yoga in the Cashews?
What a chance!
Or only a dream stored again in the sub-consciousness (instead of in the super-consciousness)?

By Njal, 13 May 2008 / 11:37 am

Submitted by Rita