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2 April 2016

Aqua Dyn – Good news to share!!!

Dear friends,

In a general way, it is good to share the good news especially when they concern a unit of Auroville such as Aqua Dyn, which since many years has been trying to make known the benefits of a pure and living water, through its purification, dynamisation and information technology and its effects on well-being and health.

Chronology of good news:

In October 2014, after eight years of legal study and technology, Aqua Dyn has received a license from the Indian government protecting its 'know-how' across the Indian Territory (First patented technology of Auroville).

During the process, in February 2015, Philip and Patrick, then living in Shanghai, contacted us, showing interest to Aqua Dyn water quality and then proposing a joint business venture. Along with them we decided to make a strategic partnership based on a joint ownership of the patent. The financial contribution brought by our new partners helped Aqua Dyn to restore financial equilibrium and to initiate new stage of development both commercial and social as well as the research. The partnership, first of its kind in Auroville, took the form of a contract developed by Auroville FAMC (particularly by Ulli, Toine and Michael whom we thank for their help and the outstanding work brought).

Note that it is not a sale of our patent, and even less a sale of Aqua Dyn unit, contrary to what some rumors might have suggested, but a real partnership in the respect of Auroville values, and an opening of a new door for Aqua Dyn, but also to other units that would meet the conditions. A partnership that allows a change of scale often difficult to operate.

With the help of our new partners, a new patent was also filed for the five continents and has received a first level acceptance in January.

Meanwhile, research wise, Aqua Dyn has been contacted by several medical personalities interested in Clinical experiments on several diseases called ‘civilization diseases’ such as AIDS, lyme, autism... These tests are underway and already show rather interesting results, enough to continue this research with more patients. We will keep you informed on that matter.

Similarly social projects for Auroville and its Bio Region are being prepared and will be the subject of information to follow. In this new development of Aqua Dyn, a new intake of energy and skills supported and helped Aqua Dyn in its restructuring effort.

We very much thank Ian and Kathy for hosting Aqua Dyn in their trust; Marc (Marc's Coffee) for his help as business advisor and Christine for his assistance and expertise; Sébastien and Sophie who recently joined the team and all Aurovilians and Friends of Auroville who unconditionally supported Aqua Dyn during difficult times and perilous passages.

These friends are too many to mention them all, we thank them from the bottom of our heart.

The Team Aqua Dyn