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Timings and Location(s)

Tel.: 262-2250 (Town Hall reception) for reservations and email: for questions regarding bookings and other information.

The Multi-media Center group (as of Oct 2006): Marco, Norman, Oliver, Basile, Claudine, Kari, and Nina

General Information and Background

The Cinema Paradiso, also referred to as the Multimedia Centre, makes available films on a weekly basis (schedules in the News & Notes), as well as lectures and presentations both by Aurovilians and some visitors to Auroville. Construction of the Multi Media Centre adjacent to the Town Hall was enabled through a large donation from Gateway Group some 4 years ago, specified for activities pertaining to communication. The cinema receives a budget under the "City Services" to assist in its running expenses, but has also been supported regularly with generous donations. The cultural events are made available free of charge, however a contribution is asked for use of the venue for presentations (see:

Members and Affiliations

The faciltiies of the Cinema Paradiso/MMC are available to all.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Cinema Paradiso/MMC has been to provide a practical, comfortable environment for Aurovilians to enjoy a wide range of presentations and films, with a focus on international, environmental and spiritual selection. Compared to the auditorium at Bharat Nivas the 120 seat capacity has shown to be a good size to host the average number of people showing up for any one of the wide range of offerings.