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The Golden Chain
“Medhananda: A Biographical Note”

The Golden Chain 2008 May - Medhananda.jpg
PDF (4 pages)

Medhananda (1908 - 1994) joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1952, where he was put in charge of the Library. For many years he taught History of Religions at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE), a position he was well-qualified for by his life-long interest in and study of the spiritual cultures of different ages and parts of the world. In 1965 he became editor of the quarterly journal =1 ("Equals One").[1]


Articles by MedhanandaYear
=1 "Reality = 1"1975
=1 "The Galactic Cybernetic Answering Service"1975
=1 "Metazoon - A technological dream"1975
=1 "Siva"1975
=1 "The conquest of space and time"1974
=1 "Shiva's Play with the Shadow – Or how the Eternity Game came about"1974
=1 "The Window"1973
=1 "One Million A.D."1973
=1 "That Fire"1973
=1 "Hidden immortality"1972
=1 "The secret behind =1"1971
=1 "To be one or to be two"1971
=1 "And now some good news!"1971
=1 "I am myself this ocean"1971
=1 "Exercise yes, exercise no"1971
=1 "The gospel of Thomas"1971
=1 "Sharing"1971
=1 "On the royal road to oneness"1971
=1 "Cellular resonance"1970
=1 "The Body of Joy"1970
=1 "Peace on earth"1969
=1 "Adam"1969
=1 "The Kinnara effect"1969
=1 "Optimism: From amoeba to Auroville"1969
=1 "A new dance for the suns"1967
=1 "Little Alif"1967
=1 "Five intensities of anticipation"1967
=1 "Deus ex machina"1967
=1 "Chosen: The garden of delight"1967
=1 "Computer ecstasy"1967
=1 "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"1967
=1 "Flying saucers"1967
=1 "A question of bliss"1966
=1 "Evolution = aspiration"1966
=1 "The future of evolution - A transintelligence"1966
=1 "Our evolutionary programme"1966
=1 "New man"1966
=1 "From amoeba to star"1965
=1 "All teaching is a revealing"1965
=1 "Nothing can be taught"1965
=1 "Let not man put asunder!"1965
=1 "That mysterious entity called soul"1965


  1. "About the authors Medhananda and Yvonne Artaud", http://www.medhananda.com/

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