Laboratory of Evolution

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The Laboratory of Evolution - Centre for Human Unity (LOE-CHU), started in 1984, was envisioned as a laboratory for experimentation into the nature of human consciousness and evolution. As of today the experimental laboratory has yet to manifest, but the Laboratory is known as an interesting library and resource centre where one can find books, documents, magazines and audio-visual material not found elsewhere in Auroville.

Articles about the Laboratory of Evolution - Centre for Human UnityYear
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SAIIER 2018:Laboratory of Evolution – Centre of Human Unity2018
SAIIER 2017:Laboratory of Evolution2017
SAIIER 2016:Laboratory of Evolution2016
SAIIER Annual Report 2014-2015: Laboratory of Evolution2015
SAIIER 2014:Laboratory of Evolution2014


  • Location: Food Laboratory building (Moved from Bharat Nivas)
  • E-mail: loechu (at)

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