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Innovation unlimited is a one man Electronic workshop run by Hans P. in Silence,Kottakarai.

Since 1995 in Auroville he is doing research and small production of useful electronic projects,mainly in the fields of

frequency medicine and Led lighting for home and vehicle.

The products like the Zapper von Hulda Clark,or the LED lights are environment friendly

and unique.

The Parasite Zapper, I discovered in 1998,first I believed not at all in it,

but the practical experience showed me that he is very useful,so I started to produce

it in a small scale and improved it. With the Multusable Zapper is it also possible, to

energize water and food with alpha frquency,which is very common and healthy to us and connect a Mind/Braimachine to synchronize your brain halves with alpha and

make it easier for you to reach meditation state.

The Lightzapper ,is an idea from Dr.Rajchura,Pondicherry .

The Light Water and Room energizer works in the same direction,but use 2 frequencies ,alpha & beta waves.

I build also an Orgon energizer,did a lot of research in Wilhelm Reich and studid in 94,

with Bernd Senf,FHW Berlin.

In the last month I did a lot of research in Neuroscience and feedback.

I have also an sophistcsted EEG machine where you can watch your brainwaves and effords in meditation and

attention on the computer screen.

New developed : ALL in ONE - Zapper with 3 frequencies,Mindmachine with Delta,Theta,Alpha,Beta,Gamma,

Headlight and Techno generator.

Workshops can be given on all subjects.

You can see pictures of my products at

Innovation unlimited