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(Yvonne:) “The Identity Research Institute, which is Medhananda's creation, was founded in 1978 at a place visited 50 years ago by the Mother, who exclaimed there: “Beauty! Beauty! Beauty!”
         Bathed in joy by her presence on those three hectares of forested land, Medhananda explored there in particular the psychology of ancient Egypt, his studies on which gained scientific recognition, and the psychology of South Indian monkeys, expressed in hundreds of photographs not yet published.
         Medhananda could identify with whatever he wished and that gives a deep credibility to his observations.
         He also left 400 recorded tapes of talks on Gnosis, which are now being transcribed.” (1998)[1]

(Y., a disciple, asks for Mother's permission to bring an orangutan to make it ‘participate in the education’.)

Some have already protested against Thoth, if now there's an orangutan they'll reproach me! ... Because, naturally, the servants were afraid, even the neighbors, anyway it wasn't to their liking. Once Thoth walked into the bedroom, so the maid started howling; the neighbor came (luckily he has enough sense), he remained calm, just staring at Thoth, with some severity, probably. Then Thoth left without anything happening. But at other times when Thoth is upset, he tears bedsheets to pieces or whatever. Finally the neighbor came and told me the incident (that was long ago). I said to him, “You don't know the first thing about animals! You are lucky enough to have a peaceful nature, but animals are extremely sensitive to your feelings or sensation: if you are afraid, they instantly get afraid; if you are angry, they instantly get angry; and if you are gentle, kind, affable, they become gentle, kind, affable.” He understood quite well, and ever since all has been well. But he isn't alone in the house.... An orangutan is a big thing, you know!”[2]

“Do you know little S.? [A twelve-year-old Tamil child, very dark-skinned, adopted three years earlier by Yvonne.] Have you ever spoken to her? ... I've heard she beats sixteen- and seventeen-year-old boys at logic and new mathematics. I saw her today. She is obviously quite remarkably intelligent. And yesterday was her birthday. You know that Y. has gone into hospital; and when she went she asked me to send something to Thoth every day (you know who's Thoth, don't you?), because it seems that whenever he receives something from me, he is quite calm for two hours. Very well. So I sent something the first day (that was yesterday). And yesterday was little S.'s birthday. I thought that rather than for her to fetch from the secretary the fruit I give for Thoth, it would be better if she came to see me at 10 and I'd give her her card and bunch of flowers at the same time. But then, everything is disorganized and not too efficient: she wasn't informed. When she came it was too late because it was 10:30 or 11 while I had said “before 10”. So she wrote me a letter.... I saw the girl today, she is really very intelligent, no doubt about that, and here is her letter. (Note that when she came to live with Y., she knew French because she had learned it with the Sisters – she was a pupil at the ‘Mission’ some three years ago – and for three years Y. has been giving her French lessons.) So here is the child's letter:


Sweet Mother,
          I am absolutely ... [one word skipped here] having missed seeing you. Yesterday evening nobody came to tell me. And when they brought the presents for Thoth from You they didn't tell me nothing either.
         Sweet Mother, since yesterday big S. [‘Big S.’ is the child.] wants to see you, and now that they say it's too late and I feel I'll miss seeing You, big S. is sad and I don't like that.

It's not French, of course. You clearly feel that the thought isn't ordinary.... I found that very interesting. But for a French class, it would be riddled with errors.

Of course, but there is a ‘tone’ in it....

         I was surprised, because Y. [the adoptive mother] knows French well, obviously, and she is quite capable of teaching her to write correctly: she hasn't taken the trouble, or didn't want to, I don't know why. But there is a certain force there.

Oh, yes.

It's interesting.
         And after all, what we want ... we know that we need, not an artificially new language, but something supple enough to be able to adapt to the needs of a new CONSCIOUSNESS; and that's probably how that language will emerge, from a number of old languages, through the disappearance of habits.”[3]

“You had the visit of E., that Italian, and his wife?

So then?

He asked me questions on ‘left-hand Tantrism’, you know, the ‘Vama Marga’...

What’s that?

It’s those so-called Tantrics who make a "yoga" out of sexuality. And he asked me all sorts of questions on the place of sexuality in yoga, adding that for a year, he and his wife have been trying to live on another level and in a different way. So I tried to tell him the true standpoint, and I gave him a letter I had written a year earlier on the subject – a letter I was really inspired to write on the problem of sexuality in yoga, at the end of which I gave two excerpts from Sri Aurobindo showing the ‘vital error’ behind this so-called yoga. I sent him my letter, and three days later, I saw him come back with it. He was troubled. First he told me, “Are you aware that there is in the Ashram an ‘occult center’ working with Mother’s blessings?”

What? What on earth is that!

Yes, it’s like that. So I asked him, “But whatever is that occult center?” He said, “Yes, it’s an inner center for the ‘more advanced’ disciples, those who are more ‘in the know’ , and there is in it a sort of high priestess” – that was Y.

Oh, it’s Y.”[4]

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