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with her calm wideness and tranquil benignity brings us inexhaustible


which has its seat in sovereign and surpassing


The way of approach to this all-ruling greatness is a continuous


of awareness, a constant widening of consciousness. We also need to acquire a wise compassion towards all as being forms of ourself, to possess a quiet nobility far above and beyond petty things, and maintain a steadily growing comprehension as the way to this ‘Wisdom’ which lays down the large lines of evolution. Wisdom is not a throne which God has reserved for himself; as Jesus says, “The glory which you have given me I have given to them.” The compassion that is in wisdom invites us to grow in consciousness and bliss and so to take our seat in the wideness that is above the ordinary mind.

It is not easy to follow the path of wisdom. We have to free ourselves of all inherited superstitions, all our partiality and prejudice. We have to remain above opinions, bound by nothing, attached to nothing. The truth of things bust be our only concern.