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Lovely Venus, the morning star, the Ishtar or Aphrodite of the ancients, the Usha and Ahana of the Vedic hymns, is the bringer of


The kingdom of Venus is our emotional life, and her role is to lift our emotions godward. But she, above all other goddesses, needs our


Only where people long for her does she consent to come, to end the long night and announce the morning.

The secret of this is that when we call her it is in truth we ourselves that are called by her. He who has chosen the summits of being has been called by them.

Alma Venus personifies


in all its aspects, for in spite of intellectual doubts or misgivings about it, grace is a powerful psychic reality for those who know how to call it into themselves. She is also the creative nuclear centre of imagination, and by her irresistible attraction and her seat at the centre of emotional energy she balances the head with the heart.

“I come and the darkness shall sunder”[1]

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