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Urania is one of the oldest of all the mothers. She is the energy which moves the stars, the Mekané Urania of the Greeks. In antiquity she was not limited to a certain planet, but was mistress and mother of them all. She is a psychic power in us and the universe, and with her we enter a kingdom which few men have entered but into which we are all invited: the space of the stars.

Not only the queen of this most majestic of all the kingdoms of creation, Urania is also the immense power in the atom, and to men she seems like a kind of supernature, overlying or underlying good old Mother


as our forefathers saw her.

Urania is the mistress of


the art of transmutation, and as the lady of the nuclear house she presides over that mysterious faculty of


which takes place not only on the molecular level, but even on the vital and mental levels and naturally in the psychic kingdoms. Our symbol is the great bear and the little bear, for Urania is at one time our ancestors' queen of the mountains and also the ruling constellation of the northern sky.