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With this card we are invited to participate in the

cosmic play

the seat of the two who are really one. Wherever we look we can find this play: the sun and the moon, earth and heaven, nature and spirit, creature and god, man and woman. This realization of the cosmic play can lead us to the great mystic experience of the whole universe as the play field for man, the eternal lover and the eternal beloved. Even if millions of souls are playing the game, they are in reality only two, always the same two, the two who are really one.

The ‘two in one’ implies two great movements of consciousness which are also the main steps of mathematical logic:

intersection and union

Both are inherent in all happenings in the universe and in ourselves. From the atoms to the stars, everything interpenetrates everything else in an inextricable and inseparable way. Nothing exists by itself. Everything is because all others are. And all movements lead finally to union, to an awareness of being one.

It is one of the secrets of the universe that all duality is merely a bipolarity of something which is in reality is one. Whatever we consider as opposites – like good and evil, just and unjust, or beautiful and ugly – are, in the roots of their being, one. Every opposite – man and woman, inside and outside, above and below, old and young, material and spiritual, spirit and nature, god and man – we must learn to see as one. All these so-called opposites not only complement, not only meet and touch, but intersect, interpenetrate until they have so much in common that the intersection becomes ‘union’, total oneness, the one in two bodies.

The end and aim of the cosmic play, of the divine ‘lila’, is to be one, but while the play lasts and for the sake of the play we remain two.

“The worlds are only a playfield of Thou-I and a hued masque of the Two-One,
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