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The second card of our game and all following cards represent psychomagnetic fields more limited than the first, as the first one includes everything. This second card is called the ‘Self’, and is symbolised by a man looking at himself in a mirror. The self is the subjective aspect of the One and we have to learn that this great self in us is greater than all the cosmic powers, to realise that we are not the little ego but this great self.

When Moses, on the mountain, asked God: “What is your name? What shall I tell my people?” God answered, “I am that I Am”. And we are all that same ‘I Am’. The gift this selfhood brings is


because once we possess our self we are in possession of all things, provided we advance from the small self we seem to be to the big self which is all that is. And the way is


the recognition or feeling of being that greater One which is seated as the


in each of us. As long as we identify with the little ‘I’, the feeling of being something separate prevents us from being what in reality we are – all in all, not only by our thought but by silent vision and identity.