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His Greek name means ‘the rich one’, the giver of wealth, but since remotest times he has been associated with Hades, the underworld, and therefore feared by the ignorant and superstitious. Psychologically speaking he is the god of our


the subliminal and its


His name was given to a planet about the same time as the subconscious was discovered in the western world.

The subconscious mind is mightier, wider and better equipped than our intellect, and in yoga this subconscious becomes conscious, its psychic riches accessible to the seeker. It contains a vast and almost unlimited


partly racial, partly ancestral, but also in part accumulated during our past lives. To bring the contents of this vast memory into our conscious possession by dream or vision, by intimations or inspiration, is the characteristic movement of Pluto, and the contribution of our being is simply to remember.

Our symbol is an erupting volcano, indicating its potential energy and the possibility of its exploding if we disregard its intimations.