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“The crown of all being”[1] and best-known aspect of the Great Mother, ‘Love’ brings us


She dwells in


and demands of those who come near her that they appreciate the harmony and beauty she brings us. But she also insists on our obligation to recreate this harmony and beauty in our environment. Her name is ‘Love’, but the love which is meant here is a cosmic force, the force which holds the stars together. Card number fifty-four, on the other hand, ‘The Lover’, represents the avatar of love, that love which has come down on earth in order to lift it to the shining heights where love makes its home.

To become conscious of this fundamental cosmic principle means to


it wherever we meet it, in all things and beings. Therefore this card is also the card of ‘bhakti yoga’, the path of love. In order to follow this way it is sufficient merely to love. But it is not easy to mirror the love of God in our hearts, to love everything and all as God loves. When this true love appears, it needs nothing else, not even reciprocation. It finds fulfillment in itself.

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