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The great German mystic Meister Eckhart recommended to his disciples,

“You must not only feel the joy, you must yourself be the joy.”

Wherever we meet with joy and identify with it, whether it is a bird's song or a child's laugh, a flower blossoming or a star shining, we can feel the joy as our own. We start living in another universe, and joy unveils a reality that is a continuous, unending


the miracle of sunshine and of rain, the delight of breathing, the delight of a fruit, the wonder of meeting a friend, – all of which form part of an endless fairy-tale we will live in when we open ourselves to joy. The kingdom of which Jesus spoke is a kingdom of joy, and we can exercise our kingship in it once we live in that mantle of


which joy has laid upon our shoulders.

What is needed in order to enter our heritage of joy is to pass through a simple open gate:


grateful recognition of the daily gifts which life brings, gratitude to our ancestors, to our teachers, to the animals who teach us about joy; gratitude to the flowers, and gratitude for being and becoming joy without end.