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Most people, from dock workers to university presidents, when asked a fundamental question about the universe or God or about the aim of life, will answer with a quotation. Or they will shrug their shoulders and admit that they don't know. But a very few will answer with a certitude which they have won out of inner experience, a quiet and luminous knowledge of that about which they speak.

The true knowledge, the gnosis as our symbol shows, cannot be found in books. You have to drink it from the cup of ecstasy. This knowledge has its seat in our divine


and it brings with it as a gift the


of that origin. The possibility of this


as contrasted with mere belief or ‘book’ knowledge is inborn in each living being, because each one comes form the One.

Once when a disciple asked Jesus, “What will our future be?” Jesus rebuked him. “Do you know from where you come?” he asked. “If you know that, you will also know where you are going.” And another time he told them, “When they ask you for your origin, tell them, ‘We come from the light, there where the light was born from itself’”.