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All life is a continuous learning process, as well as a discipleship. Only a fossil has stopped learning.

What makes a true disciple is


the capacity to “be a lamb of God before being his lion”. Mere mental knowledge is not the aim but a becoming, a transformation. Therefore the psychological attitude must be a


imposed by the disciple on himself, on his way of life. It consists essentially in the obedience of the lower parts of our being to the higher. Thus the outward activity of this discipline or way of the disciple is a


to the guru, the divine teacher, inner or outer. As long as you are not a master, one who knows, in full possession of your eternity and infinity, a liberated soul, you are necessarily a disciple, and once you are liberated you will joyfully acknowledge your eternal discipleship.

The camel is our symbol for the disciple. Loaded with the mental luggage his teacher has given him, he patiently, stubbornly and obediently crosses the deserts of the world to arrive at the springs of eternal knowledge.