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Up to now all our cards have borne symbols belonging to an unlimited infinite consciousness, and we may have some difficulty identifying with or being one with it.

To meet man's feeling of smallness, we are moving on a downward, involutionary scale toward smaller, more limited things. Here we may find a kind of stepladder, a consciousness, very wide but not yet infinite: the ‘Cosmos’, leading us to its other pole the


If you are not a mathematician or an astronomer or a cosmonaut you may think that the cosmos, the whole physical universe, is infinite. Well, it is not. Expressed in centimetres it is something like 1050. This way it doesn't look so awfully big, and as you might already have guessed, it has been put there to teach us to grow. It would be difficult to sit on a high mountain or before a vast seascape and really admire the view without a widening of consciousness, without discovering all that we need to


ourselves in order to become whole.

The cosmos, thus approached with humility and aspiration for all that we still lack in order to be true men, will bring us itself as a playground and as a school, the entire


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