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So after ‘Being’ comes something even more mysterious, ‘Consciousness’, that strange awareness of oneself which seems to be a property of higher life but which poets and mystics and yogis affirm to be everywhere since it belongs to being itself. It is indeed the basic material of the universe. Everything around us is consciousness, nothing else but consciousness. That is why we see, feel, hear and taste things. They are all stuff of awareness like ourselves. The apple tastes good because it is pure delight of being an apple, in which we are invited to participate by eating it: again the same delight becoming aware of itself.

When we turn the card around, here is the evolutionary pole of awareness, the miracle of a continuous self creation:


an extreme form of awareness in space-time, self-awareness.

Remember: we are not only alive, we are ‘Life’. What ‘Consciousness’ is trying to bring to man is a particular


in the awareness of himself and his surroundings characteristic of ‘Life’. But man is still far from the full divine consciousness, and the way to it is


the greatest school of awareness, in fact the way used by the one to know himself.

The Indian symbol of consciousness and its space-time awareness is the dancing god Shiva. In one of his hands he holds a drum symbolizing time, in another a flame – life. In fact he is surrounded by a circle of fire, the flaming universe, and as long as this dancer in time continues to dance, the universe and we will exist in time. And we are invited to dance with him.

The ladder of consciousness extends from mere awareness of things to awareness of oneself and of really being life in all its intensity of awareness and finally to taking part in the dance of creativity and becoming one with the eternal dancer in time.

The Spirit’s bare and absolute potencies
Burn in the solitude of the thoughts of God.[1]

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