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The very last of the houses of the sun, the ‘Capricorn’ is also the mountain goat, the ibex, venerated by our stone-age ancestors and painted in their sacred caves,the being of the snowy summits, the intrepid climber on heights inaccessible to ordinary men.

At the apex of the world we are given the easy contemplation of eternity in ultimate, imageless


of the infinite, the final widening of consciousness into unpartitioned truth.

This empyrean vision opens us to inviolable


the eternal rapture of standing alone on the summit of being where everything is our very own self.

But the way to this zenith is the humble attitude of constant


an adoration which in the beginning may have been dualistic but which becomes at the end of the ascent monistic – because God alone is there.

“Adore and what you adore
attempt to be.”[1]

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