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‘Bliss’ – beatitude, delight, joy, ananda – is the mightiest of all transforming powers. Many lives have been completely changed through its direct, powerful, yet mysterious inflow coming from no apparent source. According to the Indian conception it is one of the inseparable triune characteristics of being, and indeed one may ask what even hypothetical being would be worth without bliss.

“From delight we come, by delight we exist, into delight we go!” the Upanishad declares. At the beginning Christianity also spread abroad joyful news, and Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount gave a long list of ‘beatitudes’. The apostle proclaimed: “Rejoice! And again I say to you, rejoice,” even in prison or when thrown to the lions or tigers of the circus.

Joy in itself can be a direct way to the fullness of being. There is a yoga of joy, although few know of it because joy and ecstasy were highly suspect in the dark ages. But in the ‘aquarian age’, which will be the golden age of truth and joy, bliss will be again recognized as the most powerful of all the cosmic mothers of man.

If you turn the card ‘Bliss’, you will discover


Indeed the Sanskrit name for soul is anandamayakosha, envelope of joy, body of bliss. It is in this causal body of ours which lies around our physical body like a warm, luminous and protective robe that all joy is felt. Here is the seat of the vibrations of delight, and it is this we have to ‘realize’, to feel, to identify with and finally to be: our true


As Meister Eckhart said, we must not only feel joy but “you must, yourself, be the joy”. In truth you are nothing but a continuous vibration of bliss, and it is your aim and object to realize it. That is what


is about!

Pay the greatest attention to this most important and precious part of yourself, from the time you feel the delicate touches of a beginning relationship to the moments of great inpourings and inundations of Joy,