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In Indian mythology ‘Being’ is represented as the God Vishnu lying asleep on the serpent of the Infinite. While sleeping he dreams, dreams himself a universe, our universe, which comes out of his navel in the form of a lotus. Not only are we made from the stuff of his divine dreams, but in some fundamental and mysterious way we are at the same time consciousness participating in the dreaming. The suns dream their sun-game, and trees their tree-game, and each one of us dreams the little details of the big dream: man. But in the long evolutionary story of life it has become conscious of itself, in man. And you know what happens when a dreamer becomes aware of himself?

Now let us turn the card around. Here we look at the dream world from the opposite pole; and what we see is


the dream-stuff viewed from inside the dream. Thus ‘Being’ brings us


a physical envelope, a vehicle for the higher powers in man, a faithful servant of his soul, mind and life. The way of ‘Being’ is


a form of being in continuously changing envelopes, an eternally evolving instrumentality for involving powers.