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The bee is a many-sided symbol for the psychic awakening of man. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Germanic peoples saw the soul-bee in us collecting the joys and bliss of earth life as nectar for the gods and leaving it as a sacrifice when we go again through the gate into our next life.

Sri Ramakrishna explained that the difference between a yogi and ordinary people is that ordinary people settle down on the dirt like flies, but the yogi, like a bee, settles only in the lotus flower. Another aspect of the bee represents that mysterious power of life which brings living beings together, socializes them, and makes them like one being. The socialization, a step which just now man has to undertake in his own way in order to become a planetary being. The way for man is


The house in which to develop his individuality and live in security is


Here the individual can grow, enlarge himself in order to collect the


the ambrosia of the Greeks, the drink of immortality, the soma of bliss of the Vedas. Brahman himself is honey for all beings, and all beings are honey for Brahman.