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Our new zodiac starts befittingly with Aquarius the water bearer, the sign of the new age. He is now the precursor of the twelve signs and brings us the long hoped-for


into a new consciousness leading from a mere material, vital and mental life to a

spiritual life.

This consciousness finds its culmination in a total transformation, a divinisation of man and his society.

Our symbol for Aquarius is the drop of water falling into the ocean in order to join it and unite with it, not by losing its individuality, but by remembering that even as a drop it was always the ocean and one with the waters of life which mount up to heaven and rain down again.

The spiritual life after the breakthrough puts us in a life of oneness as opposed to the life of separateness of the preceding age. The way is to acquire the necessary


of being, a daiphaneity of the soul conscious of its nearness to God. As carbon becomes a diamond under high pressure, so the human soul by entering spiritual life becomes like the water: transparent and at the same time the hardest of all things, like the diamond.