Essays in Philosophy and Yoga

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The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo
Volume 13: Essays in Philosophy and Yoga
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(It is recommended to download the entire indexed set of Complete Works.)

Annotated contents

Hover your mouse over the underlined text to read the notes. Notes are paraphrased from the “Publisher's Note” and “Note on the Texts”.

Essays in Philosophy and Yoga

Part One: Essays from the Karmayogin (1909 – 1910)

The Ideal of the Karmayogin 3
Karmayoga 9
Man—Slave or Free? 13
Yoga and Human Evolution 18
Yoga and Hypnotism 23
The Greatness of the Individual 29
The Process of Evolution 33
Stead and the Spirits 38
Stead and Maskelyne 43
Fate and Free-Will 47
The Three Purushas 51
The Strength of Stillness 57
The Principle of Evil 60
The Stress of the Hidden Spirit 64

Part Two: The Yoga and Its Objects (circa 1912)

The Yoga and Its Objects 71
Appendix: Explanations of Some Words and Phrases 92

Part Three: Writings from the ''Arya'' (1914 – 1921)

Notes on the Arya
The “Arya’s” Second Year 101
Appendix: Passages Omitted from “Our Ideal” 103
The “Arya’s” Fourth Year 105
On Ideals and Progress
On Ideals 111
Yoga and Skill in Works 119
Conservation and Progress 127
The Conservative Mind and Eastern Progress 133
Our Ideal 140
The Superman
The Superman 151
All-Will and Free-Will 158
The Delight of Works 163
Evolution 169
The Inconscient 176
Materialism 184
Thoughts and Glimpses
Aphorisms 199
Thoughts and Glimpses 208
Heraclitus 215
The Problem of Rebirth
Section I: Rebirth and Karma
Rebirth 259
The Reincarnating Soul 270
Rebirth, Evolution, Heredity 277
Rebirth and Soul Evolution 285
The Significance of Rebirth 295
The Ascending Unity 307
Involution and Evolution 317
Karma 330
Karma and Freedom 338
Karma, Will and Consequence 351
Rebirth and Karma 358
Karma and Justice 367
Section II: The Lines of Karma
The Foundation 379
The Terrestrial Law 386
Mind Nature and Law of Karma 398
The Higher Lines of Karma 413
Appendix I: The Tangle of Karma 427
Appendix II: A Clarification 433
Other Writings from the Arya
The Question of the Month
The Needed Synthesis 439
“Arya”—Its Significance 441
Meditation 445
Different Methods of Writing 448
Occult Knowledge and the Hindu Scriptures 451
The Universal Consciousness 453
The News of the Month
The News of the Month 459
South Indian Vaishnava Poetry
Andal: The Vaishnava Poetess 465
Nammalwar: The Supreme Vaishnava Saint and Poet 467
Arguments to The Life Divine
Arguments to The Life Divine 471

Part Four: From the Standard Bearer (1920)

Ourselves 509

Part Five: From the Bulletin of Physical Education (1949 – 1950)

The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth
Message 517
Perfection of the Body 521
The Divine Body 536
Supermind and the Life Divine 558
Supermind and Humanity 568
Supermind in the Evolution 578
Mind of Light 585
Supermind and Mind of Light 588