Essays in Philosophy and Yoga

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The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo
Volume 13: Essays in Philosophy and Yoga

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Annotated contents

Hover over the underlined text for additional information. Notes are paraphrased from the “Publisher's Note” and “Note on the Texts” of each published volume.

Essays in Philosophy and Yoga

Part One: Essays from the Karmayogin (1909 – 1910)

The Ideal of the Karmayogin
Man—Slave or Free?
Yoga and Human Evolution
Yoga and Hypnotism
The Greatness of the Individual
The Process of Evolution
Stead and the Spirits
Stead and Maskelyne
Fate and Free-Will
The Three Purushas
The Strength of Stillness
The Principle of Evil
The Stress of the Hidden Spirit

Part Two: The Yoga and Its Objects (circa 1912)

The Yoga and Its Objects
Appendix: Explanations of Some Words and Phrases

Part Three: Writings from the ''Arya'' (1914 – 1921)

Notes on the Arya
The “Arya’s” Second Year
Appendix: Passages Omitted from “Our Ideal”
The “Arya’s” Fourth Year
On Ideals and Progress

::On Ideals ::Yoga and Skill in Works ::Conservation and Progress ::The Conservative Mind and Eastern Progress ::Our Ideal

The Superman

::The Superman ::All-Will and Free-Will ::The Delight of Works


::Evolution ::The Inconscient ::Materialism

Thoughts and Glimpses

::Aphorisms ::Thoughts and Glimpses



The Problem of Rebirth
Section I: Rebirth and Karma
The Reincarnating Soul
Rebirth, Evolution, Heredity
Rebirth and Soul Evolution
The Significance of Rebirth
The Ascending Unity
Involution and Evolution
Karma and Freedom
Karma, Will and Consequence
Rebirth and Karma
Karma and Justice
Section II: The Lines of Karma
The Foundation
The Terrestrial Law
Mind Nature and Law of Karma
The Higher Lines of Karma
Appendix I: The Tangle of Karma
Appendix II: A Clarification
Other Writings from the Arya
The Question of the Month
The Needed Synthesis
“Arya”—Its Significance
Different Methods of Writing
Occult Knowledge and the Hindu Scriptures
The Universal Consciousness
The News of the Month
The News of the Month
South Indian Vaishnava Poetry
Andal: The Vaishnava Poetess
Nammalwar: The Supreme Vaishnava Saint and Poet
Arguments to The Life Divine
Arguments to The Life Divine

Part Four: From the Standard Bearer (1920)


Part Five: From the Bulletin of Physical Education (1949 – 1950)

The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth
Perfection of the Body
The Divine Body
Supermind and the Life Divine
Supermind and Humanity
Supermind in the Evolution
Mind of Light
Supermind and Mind of Light