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See [[Auras]].
See [[Aura]].
===ACCESS (2008)===
===ACCESS (2008)===

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“If you belong to this place, because you're Mother's child, you will be taken care of, ultimately. This confidence you have to have. And if it's not there, it becomes a mind game, and that is not enough.” - Otto[1]

Some economic experiments


See Aura.

ACCESS (2008)

Auroville's Conscious Community Exchange System for Sustainability (ACCESS) was active in 2008. It was an online community-based exchange network that used virtual credits - an alternative, parallel, complementary currency system.

Circles (2000)

Circles were groups of 10-30 Aurovilians working on experimental approaches to dealing with day-to-day economic issues. Circles facilitated sharing and awareness of each others' lives, the idea being for small groups to develop mutual trust and concern. Circles were also a way for participants to better understand the overall economic flows of Auroville.

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