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Deepanam School is a primary and middle-level school in Auroville inspired by the Free Progress method of integral education.


In May 2000, a small group of people took up the structure of the former Mirramukhi School and fixed it to welcome a new group of children in July 2000. The place was called Deepanam, a Sanskrit name meaning "to light the Flame". The purpose of the new school was to help the children remain in touch with their inner being. Activities of the school were arranged into the areas of:

  • Art, including music, dance, drama and painting
  • Pysical activities, including swimming, Hatha Yoga and games
  • Nature and environment, including gardening, outings, observation classes, exhibitions and projects
  • Academics

The current chapter of Deepanam began in October 2006 with 12 students, when some of their parents agreed to join the school as teachers.

Approach, Methods and Curricula

The Golden Chain
“Deepanam School: Towards Free Progress”

The Golden Chain 2011 Feb - Deepanam School & A Chat with Rajeev.jpg
PDF (9 pages)

An aim of Deepanam is to provide a warm and trustful atmosphere where big and small can progress steadily. Beauty, Simplicity, Cleanliness and Order are basic components of the environment created for the children. A special attempt is made to bring the principle ‘to love to learn’ to the classroom. Deepanam is also a place for increasing understanding, openness and devotion towards Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Deepanam School since October 2006 has been working with the aim that the children feel encouraged to be responsible for themselves. For each group a schedule is made, by teachers and children together. Progressively, children are encouraged to take up more initiative in making their schedules. Several activities happen in mixed age groups as well, like French, handicrafts, field trips and so on.

Children are involved in the daily life of the school, such as by arranging the room, cleaning up, working in the garden, and cooking.

The school places special emphasis on artistic education, in addition to the usual formal curriculum. Subjects such as painting, music, dance, capoeira, singing, drama and gardening are considered as important as the regular academics.

Deepanam has a Life Science Lab with aquariums, terrariums and a reptile pit, for studies of wildlife and nature.


Deepanam School welcomes Auroville children, newcomers to Auroville, and long-term guest’s children from ages 7 to 14. In 2013 Deepanam had 65 students, 12 full-time teachers, and 8 part-time teachers.


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