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"The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo" and "Collected Works of The Mother" are available to download as PDFs from the Ashram website:

The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo Collected Works of The Mother
Ashram PDFS Sri Aurobindo 1.png Ashram PDFS Mother 1.png

At the bottom of the page is a link to download a zipped folder of the entire collection of works.

Ashram PDFS Sri Aurobindo 2.png Ashram PDFS Mother 2 marked.png

A nice feature of the collections is that they are indexed; this allows you to search for a word or phrase to find all of its instances across all the collected works. This is done with a special Catalog Index file that is included in the folder. For Sri Aurobindo's works the file is called simply “cwsa”. For The Mother's works the file is called “MCW Web”.

CWSA pdfs 1 - folder contents marked.png

Opening the index file opens a search window in Adobe Reader:

CWSA pdfs 2 - search index.png

The default option is to search “In the index named cwsa.pdx”.

CWSA pdfs 3 - search phrase marked.png

Searching for a word or phrase results in a list of all the files containing the word or phrase:

CWSA pdfs 4 - search results list.png

Expanding the list (clicking the “+”) shows each instance of the word or phrase in context:

CWSA pdfs 5 - search results instances marked.png

Clicking on any of these opens the file and navigates to the instance, which is shown as highlighted:

CWSA pdfs 6 - search result highlighted.png

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