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“I have told you I frequently meet you in a kind of library without books. It's very interesting. It is open on top, below too, and no walls; it is extremely spacious, certainly almost as vast as the earth. And there are pigeonholes that seem to hang in the air, with all kinds of things filed in them. We are often sorting through these pigeonholes to find certain texts — ideas, I mean. Ideas, explanations, sometimes memories, all kinds of things. This world is mental but very luminous and clear; full of clarity, perfectly ordered, without confusion, and all open. Wide open.”

Mother's Agenda, 17 February 1962

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that allows users to collaboratively create, edit, link, and organize content. The best known wiki is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia created by volunteers from all over the world. Wiki software is freely available. There are wikis for specific places, subjects, collaborations, and more. The Auroville Wiki is a collaborative website for information relating to Auroville.

Content on a wiki is created collectively and belongs to nobody in particular. Additions and revisions are automatically documented, so it is possible to learn who contributed what, but the spirit of a wiki is collaborative and co-creative.

How to create an account

This wiki can be edited by registered members only. Please write to to request registration.

About the Auroville wiki

The Auroville Wiki was launched on 24th of April 2008. It was set up by Auronet for the use of Auroville community.

The wiki server is located in Germany, provided by Martin of Vedic Society

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