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The Auroville Pre-Crèche offers the small kids of Auroville a safe and harmonious atmosphere for being, exploring and learning. There parents can find a supportive place to meet and share their experience about raising children.


The Pre-Crèche started in 2000 with about 10 children.

In 2014 the Pre-Crèche moved to its new building next to Deepanam School.

Approach, methods and curricula

Our growth since the beginning has been very much according to the needs and the attitude expressed by the community for childcare and with the aspiration to be in tune with what Mother has said about bringing up children.

The AV Pre-Crèche offers 2 groups – a toddler’s group and a baby’s group.

Toddler's group

This is the group of children who come every morning and stay without their parents.

We take great care to help the children settle-in gently, feel safe and cared for, get used to the team and the place and gradually learn to be separated, in a harmonious way, from their parents. Due to their tender age, we keep a good balance between free play and organized activities, offering a flexible structure, but mostly following and channeling the flows of energy. We provide time and space to choose by themselves the area of interest and to explore and understand themselves and each other. They are encouraged to learn to follow some basic discipline and simple rules. The atmosphere is stimulating their interest and helps to balance their energies. We try to nurture their active involvement in the play and their interaction with each other. It is very important for us to give space to kids to develop their concentration and focus. Gradually they are flowering joyfully and make a big progress.

Baby's group

This group gathers three times a week and the number varies, as not all the children come all the days. The baby’s group is a very nice enriching and supportive environment where babies can share the facilities and experience the collective atmosphere. Here we put a lot of effort on the interaction not only with children, but with their parents too. Our work with parents is of big importance and even though it is delicate and hard, we try to listen to them and suggest positive lines of bringing up children. Parents are happily observing changes in the way their children are.

Plans for the coming year: the objectives are the same and we are very happy that we are in our new building. We have now a better space to organize our work with children. The most important aspect of our work remains the atmosphere we create for the kids and that is why we focus a lot on the teacher’s work. At this age the kids are most receptive so we take care to work constantly on ourselves and on our relations in the team. Our primary care is that we ourselves grow more centered, loving, vigilant and responsive to the needs of the situation while being with the kids. And so in the process of our individual progress we keep discovering ways to improve our organization and the way we are with ourselves, with each other, with kids and with parents.


About 40 children (including toddlers and babies) attend the Pre-Crèche.


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