Auroville – Dream & Reality (book)

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Auroville: Dream & Reality is an anthology edited by Akash Kapur, published in 2018. It includes contributions from:

Ajit N.

  • Two poems from The Poetry of Love (2010)


  • “Re-Entry”, in Auroville Today (1991)
  • “Something to Celebrate”, in Auroville Today (2007)
  • “A Living Being”, in Auroville Today (2009)

Akash Kapur

  • “Letter from Pondicherry”, in Granta 101 (2008)
  • “Zippers”, excerpt from unpublished novel


  • Excerpts from Auroville: A City for the Future” (2017)


  • “The Road to Mathur”, in Auroville Today (1990)
  • “What About this Water Tank?”, in Auroville Review (1992)


  • “Background and Context on Auroville”



  • Various cartoons

Claude Arpi

  • “The Mother of Sri Aurobindo”, in Turning Points (2009)

David Wickenden

  • “The Living Laboratory”, in Auroville Voice (1980)
  • “A Pottery for Auroville”, in Auroville Review (1982)


  • Various cartoons (See The Salt of Life, 2011)

François Gautier

  • “The Last Caravan to India” (2005)

Georges Van Vrekhem

  • “Founding the City of Dawn”, in The Mother: The Story of Her Life (2001)

Gordon Korstange

  • Two poems from The Road Behind Whitens the Sun (1984)


  • “The Threshold”, in Vaasal [old edition], (2012)

Henk Thomas and Manuel Thomas

  • Excerpt from Economics for People and Earth: The Auroville Case 1968-2008 (2013)

Jean Larroquette

  • Excerpt from Auroville, un Aller Simple? (2006)


  • “Out of the Ordinary”, in Auroville Today (2001)


  • Excerpt from Antithesis of Yoga


  • “Our Coromandel Beach of Time”, in Auroville Today (1991)

Lloyd Hofman

  • Ten poems from Between Seasons (2008)

Maggi Lidchi-Grassi

  • “The Three Sadhus”, in Jitendra the Protector (1986)

Maj. Gen. Krishna Tewari

  • Excerpt from A Soldier's Voyage of Self-Discovery (1992)

Monique Patenaude

  • “Made in Auroville, India” (2004)


  • “In the Matrimandir Gardens Nursery”, in The Golden Bridge (1978)
  • “Auroville in Process”, in Auroville Review (1980)


  • “The Day the Balloon Went Up”
  • “With Stump of Candle”, in Poems from Auoville (1977)
  • “Counting Clouds”, in The Golden Bridge (1978)
  • “Early One Morning” (poem)


  • Excerpts from How I Grew with My Garden (1987)

R. Meenakshi

  • Seven poems
  • “Thousands of Kingdoms” (poem)

Rauf Ali

  • Excerpt from Running Away from Elephants (2018)

Raymond Thépot

  • “Paradox-Town”, in Réelles Utopies (1989)

Rishi Walker

  • “Hasta la Victoria Siempre”

Robert Lawlor

  • Early letters (1968)

Roger Harris

  • Four poems
  • “Dancing in Byzantium”, excerpt from unpublished novella

Ruud Lohman

  • Excerpts from Matrimandir Diaries (1971-1981)
  • “A City with a Soul” and “Nightwatch at Matrimandir, or How I Came to Auroville”, in A House for the Third Millenium: Essays on Matrimandir (1992)


  • “And We Had to Smile”, in Auroville Review (1978)
  • “A Love Story”, in Auroville, Sun-Word Rising (1980)

S. Buvanasundari

  • “There is Shakti Everywhere”, excerpt from unpublished play


  • Five poems


  • “Letter from an Aurovilian to Her Parents”, in Auroville Review (1978)


  • “Pushing Water Uphill”, in Auroville Today (1989)
  • “Of Egos and Barrier-breakers”, in Auroville Today (1992)


  • Excerpt from The City and the Oasys (1985)


  • Excerpt from A Tale of Tails (1994)

Yanne Dimay

  • Excerpt from Celle Qui Écoutait Les Voix Du Monde (2002)

Yatra Srinivassan

  • “The Final Northbound Journey”

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