Animals Living in AV Forests

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The following Animals have been seen by Aurovilians. This list was created after a discussion of what wild life people have seen.

"There used to be deer once upon a time in Utility, when I was staying there. There were only a couple, but one of them was aggressive and used to sneak up and attack you, usually from behind, when walking by yourself through the community. Left you with a bruise!"


Are stags deer? Then AV has deer. 

"Hirsch = stag
Deer = das Reh, der Hirsch"  of course, i have seen a spotted Reh, twice;

I saw a deer by the Pichandikulam bridge a year ago around 6.30pm ... and i have heard about a Panther around Forcomers .. it seems a guest and an Aurovilian had seen it on two different occasions ....

If we would have not so much stray dogs we had much more
animals - there are some rabbits,warran,civic cat,sometimes monkey visiting. 
By warran, do you mean monitor lizard (Varanus bengalensis)? I have never heard that term before... In Tamil it is called 'udumbu'
Hi priya, he never told me his name,he runs very fast like a crocodile,likes also to sleep lazy in the sun and here I found
Varanus indicus rouxi (Indian Monitor Lizard -German : Waran.