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“The lotus in the forehead: Will, vision, mental dynamism”[1]

“commanding thought, will, vision”[2]

“two petals, white”[3]

“If the forehead centre opens, it is fairly certain that the crown centre must have opened sufficiently at least to allow the passage of the higher force which is above it.”[4]

“The centre of vision is between the eyebrows in the centre of the forehead. When it opens one gets the inner vision, sees the inner forms and images of things and people and begins to understand things and people from within and not only from outside, develops a power of will which also acts in the inner (Yogic) way on things and people etc. Its opening is often the beginning of the Yogic as opposed to the ordinary mental consciousness.”[5]

“When this centre opens and the Force there is active, then there is the opening of a greater will, power of decision, formation, effectiveness beyond what the ordinary mind can achieve.”[6]

(The Mother in 1970:)
“What I am conscious of is the Consciousness there (gesture above); that's something unchanging. This (gesture to the forehead): blank. If it starts stirring, its very uncomfortable, but generally it doesn't stir at all — one day it stirred for a few minutes, and it was extremely unpleasant. It's like this (gesture like a motionless bar), blank: a blank feeling, like blank paper.”[7]

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