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“All I care to say, and it is all that is needed, is that she is doing the work for which she took birth and has prepared herself uninterruptedly from her childhood. The Power is in her that can bring down a true supramental creation, open the whole nature of the disciple to the supramental Light and Force and guide its transformation into a divine nature. It is because there is this Power in her that she has been entrusted with the work.”[1]

Writings from 1927Author
Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical InterestSri Aurobindo
Collected PoemsSri Aurobindo
Essays Divine and HumanSri Aurobindo
Letters on Himself and the AshramSri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga — ISri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga — IISri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga — IIISri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga — IVSri Aurobindo
Prayers and MeditationsThe Mother
Record of YogaSri Aurobindo
Some Answers from the MotherThe Mother
The Mother with Letters on the MotherSri Aurobindo