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The festival of our age

In a strange but perhaps artistically justified contrast, are the gloom of our newspapers on the one hand and on the other that festival of all festivals which is now taking place in that which Teilhard de Chardin called our Logosphere and Sri Aurobindo the Supramental Manifestation.

Now, at this moment, the universe is celebrating the dawn of a new millennium, a millennium which cannot be compared to anything in the past. The little that we can already see of it insists not only on new thoughts, but on a new way of thinking. It demands not only a new type of behaviour, but a new type of man, not a new religion but a new relationship to the Real, not only new contents for our beliefs but a new spirituality. A new way of knowing, an identification with the whole, not only sciences of detail, not only possession of new things, but a new joy of being – being all that.