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The =1 solution to the problem of cities

The city of tomorrow is not so much planned as lived from within, by our own realization, our own consciousness.

Most sociologists and urbanists agree that the big cities of our planet are threatened by three things: a lack of planning, a lack of money, and explosive superpopulations. Everybody agrees also that huge amounts of money are needed merely to fight against slums.

The city =1 proposes to contribute to the solution of this problem not by spending astronomical sums of money or by limiting itself to architectural and technological solutions, of which many still exist, but by concentrating its efforts at the basic level: the consciousness of man as a civilised being, as a ‘citizen’, a city man.

It is this civic consciousness which much be built first: the knowledge that a town is not a diminution of the individual being, or a sacrifice or limitation, but a potentialization, a fulfilment of each human being in it. In order that a town may play this role it has to become a collective being, a corporate soul, and this is possible only when the majority of its citizens are conscious of their own individuality, and of their own civic soul.

This single characteristic of the future inhabitant of the city =1 is at once his passport as a citizen and the guarantee of success for the city. For a human being can reach his own fulfilment only in a city which has reached its fulfilment.