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Nothing can be taught

by Medhananda

In the old school all initiative was with the teacher. Education was listening to a teacher. If you wanted to know something, instead of discovering for yourself you asked the teacher.

How would you like to be in a club where the members are always divided into two: those who decide and those who obey, those for whom everything is allowed and those for whom everything is forbidden? Well, this was our world of adults and children, students and teachers. And the first thing to go in our new education is that distinction between adults and children – that horrible discovery of the 17th century. There are only growing souls, those of the adults as well as those of the children, and there is no end to education.

In the schools of the future there are no teachers. There are some students who are more eager to learn than others, who know better how to organize a team, to make intellectual discoveries and organize mental play. There are some students who are more enthusiastic when they speak about a new book they have discovered in the library, some who like to use on young friends who drop in, eager to learn, some newfound capacity to explain. The relationship of teacher and student is replaced by friendship, common purpose, common understanding, common discovery, common play. The teacher is the guide, the friend, the fellow who knows a lot and can explain clearly. And he is always learning.