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As told by the Mother to Yvonne Artaud

Man is preparing himself to become superman. Earth is preparing itself for a new creation. The universe is preparing to know its divine origin.

We must let things be born and grow according to a deep aspiration. We must make room so that something may develop naturally under the influence of the truth. All the plans which do not leave room for the forces of evolution will necessarily fail.

The mental tendency is to conceive and to will first and to do afterwards. But the truth in action is to do first and to understand afterwards.

Auroville will develop as a forest grows: spontaneously – matter's answer to the divine power.

I have taken care not to say: Auroville will be like this or like that. I know nothing at all about it. The Auroville which I saw thirty years ago was the principle of something which ought to be realised.

Auroville is the attempt to realise collectively a spiritual ideal – something which until now has never been tried except by small groups, – an attempt at the concrete realisation of human unity.

We are in a period of transition. And we must not expect Auroville to be anything other than a city of transition, a city where we learn to live together.

To me, Auroville presents itself as an immense panorama of which I am the spectator. I am looking at the lights descending, – shining. The order in which these lights will manifest themselves is not decided. It may take a long time, but they are all bound to manifest.

This perspective is not limited to the actual Auroville.

It is the love of the Supreme for the supreme Creation which gives birth to the whole universe and to Auroville. When the manifestation has awakened to this love it will progress very rapidly – in joy.