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A laser society

Imagine yourself awakening some morning and remembering that you must see a certain friend on an urgent matter. You start out for his house, and after a few steps you see him coming. He also wanted to see you. Later you go to the library to borrow a book and you find that the librarian has already reserved it for you. Before returning home you stop in at the rental office to see if you can find a better apartment, and on arrival you are told by the clerk, “Oh, I just wanted to see you. I have a much better apartment for you that I think you will like.”

Out on the street again you decide to pick up some roses at the florist's. When you enter the shop you find them already wrapped. “Today we have only roses,” the florist tells you. The same thing happens at home. When you find that you don't have enough typewriting paper for that manuscript job, the bell rings and a messenger boy brings a package from the local stationer's.

After a while you realize that whatever you need or whatever you desire arrives as if by magic. And then you remember that you are living in a laser society. Before long it all becomes so natural that it seems inconceivable that anyone could live in any other kind.

The secret of such a society is very simple: those who live in it are stimulated in everything they do or desire by a powerful psychic field, that of the community. And each individual, by his mere being, not only contributes to the stability of the psychic field but also acquires such a capacity of resonance and of conscious reactance that the community in which he lives also functions as a single being, a single organism. Each cell is always in harmony with all the others; all desires meet their fulfilment in a common desire; and each individual being each molecule of the society, finds its power of action not only upheld by all the others but greatly amplified by the fact that they all live in this field of happiness and beatitude, the psychic field of a laser society.

Perhaps you ask yourself anxiously what has become of your individual freedom, the liber arbiter so dear to every human being. All our philosophers, from Plato to Schopenhauer, (true philosophers, not professors of philosophy) have agreed that there is no such thing as free will. Yet most of us live under the illusion that we are free moral agents. We are absolutely convinced that each of the thousands of decisions we have to make in our daily lives is based on our personal judgment, that it is our free will which makes us choose this or that.

But in reality every time we say, “I like this” or “I want that”, our decision is the result of a complicated opinion research which has taken place before we are even conscious of our decision. All the parts of our being were consulted and finally we decided that we wanted this or that. At that moment we are not aware that this was only a 54% majority of our cells, but suddenly there is a laser-like decision and our whole will is placed behind this majority. At another time it is placed behind that small voice which says, “Offer your comfortable place to the old lady,” or “Give your sandwich to that hungry boy”. Even at that moment, though all the cells of our physical being may have been in full opposition, we would not have the feeling that we were doing something against our free will, but rather that this was the first time in our life that we have really been exercising our free will.

Something like this is what takes place in a laser society.

There will be no pressure groups. There will even be no formal voting. Yet suddenly the decision in all hearts will be: “This is what we want, this is what we have been aspiring for.” And at that moment all will be aware of a laser will. This laser society is what evolutionary nature has been preparing secretly behind the curtain, and in different ages it has been called by different names: the kingdom of God, the city of light, the satyayuga, the classless society, the stateless society, spiritual anarchy, the golden age. It will mean a new liberty for the individual, a total freedom from all its little ego-desires and an immense release into the freedom of the whole; a sudden union of all individual wills into a beam, a burst of common will like the beam of a laser, consciousness amplification by stimulated resonance, when the whole of society suddenly becomes resonant and reacts as a single being.

We have already had in the past, on the lower vital or subconscious level, the beginnings or the promise of such a society and of such a resonant will in the tribal dance, in march music, in religious revival meetings, all super-amplifications in fields of consciousness. On a purely mental level we meet it when several inventors or writers express at the same time but in different places and quite independently the same ideas, each man with the conviction that they are his own. These are exceptions or promises, precursors of the laser society.