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|style="width:110px; text-align:center; font-size:11pt;"|1965||style="width:75px; text-align:center;"|[[File:Equals1 Education 1965 front.png|60px|link==1 "Education" (Issue 1965-2)]]<br>[[=1 "Education" (Issue 1965-2)|Education]]</span>||style="width:75px; text-align:center;"|[[File:Equals1 Psychology front.png|60px|link==1 "Psychology" (Issue 1965-3)]]<br>[[=1 "Psychology" (Issue 1965-3)|Psychology]]</span>
|style="width:110px; text-align:center; font-size:11pt;"|1965||style="width:70px;"| ||style="width:70px; text-align:center;"|[[File:Equals1 Education 1965 front.png|60px|link==1 "Education" (Issue 1965-2)]]<br>[[=1 "Education" (Issue 1965-2)|Education]]</span>||style="width:70px; text-align:center;"|[[File:Equals1 Psychology front.png|60px|link==1 "Psychology" (Issue 1965-3)]]<br>[[=1 "Psychology" (Issue 1965-3)|Psychology]]||style="width:74px; text-align:center; font-size:8pt;"|[[File:Equals1 The difference front.png|60px|link==1 "The difference" (Issue 1965-4)]]<br>[[=1 "The difference" (Issue 1965-4)|The difference]]||style="width:70px; text-align:center;"|[[File:Equals1 The earth front.png|60px|link==1 "The earth" (Issue 1965-5)]]<br>[[=1 "The earth" (Issue 1965-5)|The earth]]||style="width:70px; text-align:center;"|[[File:Equals1 Festival front.png|60px|link==1 "Festival" (Issue 1965-6)]]<br>[[=1 "Festival" (Issue 1965-6)|Festival]]

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=1 "Equals One" was a journal created by Medhananda and Yvonne Artaud in the early days of Auroville. See "=1 history".

“Equals One, which has been edited and brought out as a quarterly, is in reality a collection of essays and meditations about the most fundamental questions, problems and paradoxes of the thinking mind. Yet when this mind, through yogic discipline, reaches a state where all the uncertainties recede into a higher reality, then the enigmas and nightmares of the lower reality dissolve, thousands of years of schizophrenic, demonic fears, superstitions, occultism and primitive theology burst into the freedom and hilarity of a happy awakening.

Read =1 and see the world whole again.”

1965 Equals1 Education 1965 front.png
Equals1 Psychology front.png
Equals1 The difference front.png
The difference
Equals1 The earth front.png
The earth
Equals1 Festival front.png
1967   Equals1 matter front.png
Equals1 machine front.png
Equals1 anticipation front.png
1968 Equals1 education front.png
1969 Equals1 consciousness front.png
Equals1 child front.png
Equals1 univercity front.png
Equals1 optimism front.png
Equals1 spirituality front.png
Equals1 mutation front.png
Equals1 ecology front.png
Equals1 be front.png
Equals1 wisdom front.png
Equals1 quexclamation front.png
Equals1 tomorrow front.png
EqualsOne Cosmonaut front.png
EqualsOne That front.png
Eternity Game cards icon.png
The Eternity Game
Equals1 child liberation front.png
Child liberation
Equals1 dream front.png
  Aurograms icon.png
52-53 Kingdom.jpg
Misc Equals One letter from circulation manager.jpg Auroville mini.jpg

Education (1965-2)

Equals1 Education 1965 front.png
Education for a greater consciousness The editors ▪▪

The imprisoned splendour Robert Browning

All teaching is a revealing Medhananda ▪▪▪

Nothing can be taught Medhananda

Evocation The Mother

I became an animal The Listener

True teaching Goethe

Let not man put asunder! Medhananda ▪▪▪

Valedictory address of the year 2006 Academy for Cosmonaut Cadets

School plays and tests for teaching programmes of 2065 A group of teachers ▪▪▪

Learning by =1 Space Traveller

Psychology (1965-3)

Equals1 Psychology front.png
Psychology of the heights The Editors

=1 war P. Daniel ••

Man = many Sri Aurobindo •••

The integrated personality Indra Sen

That mysterious entity called soul Medhananda ••

Symbols of the soul Yvonne Artaud

Sinner or god? Benedictus Montecrossa ••••

From amoeba to star Medhananda ••

Anticipation The Editors

Computer wisdom The Old Computer

Anticipation news Interplanetary News Service

Letters to the editor Letters ••

The difference (1965-4)

Equals1 The difference front.png
The difference
Our otherness Sri Aurobindo

In each of us Benedictus Montecrossa ••

The 2 ways of knowledge P. Daniel ••

The way through Dane Rudhyar

The equals and the unequals Benedictus Montecrossa

Computer stories The Old Computer ••

The last man Te Ana Vava

The earth (1965-5)

Equals1 The earth front.png
The earth
No parking on a launching pad The Editors ••

The iceberg The Editors

Sodom and the Just P. Daniel

I am glad I am a pagan Te Ana Vava

Only imagination P. Daniel ••

Propaganda and the Word Benedictus Montecrossa •••

Anno Domini 3000 =1 Special Correspondent ••

Festival (1965-6)

Equals1 Festival front.png
The festival of our age The Editors

Consciousness essentially free The Mother

Monkey festival T. M. Radiata

Advice to a young computer The Old Computer ••

Revolt of the angels Popi Tané •••

Super-intelligences on the borders of time F.W.

Evolution (1966-2)

Equals1 Evolution front.png
All our problems are problems of evolution The Editors ••

Our noble knights The Editors ••

Evolution = aspiration Medhananda

Silver Sources Millicent Janet Gilder ••••••

Teachers' test The Editors

The future of evolution: A transintelligence Medhananda ••••

The fulcrum The Editors

Conversations with a dolphin Imi Noa Mangus

The first experiment in evolution P. Daniel

The takeover The Old Computer

Our evolutionary programme Medhananda ••

The Call of the Impossible Sri Aurobindo

Animal (1966-3)

Equals1 Animal front.png
We in all others The Editors ••

Fur-footed Brahman Sri Aurobindo

Our homing instinct M.S.

Parvati and the ant The Puranas

A great discovery Lama Gompananda

Mission to Earth Space Traveller ••

The silent answer Space Traveller ••

Zoopsychology Swapnà and Yvonne •••

New man (1966-4)

Equals1 new man front.png
New man
New man, a child of oneness and the whole The Editors

New man The Editors ▪▪

A new image of man = A new image of God The Editors ▪▪▪▪

Is God? The Editors ▪▪

Towards an organic society without organisation The Editors

The myths that kill Manas Journal

The rhythm of human fulfillment Dane Rudhyar ▪▪▪▪

Leaven Jim Pinney ▪▪▪▪

Vatican III Cardinal Systems Manager Bene Trovato ▪▪

A question of bliss The Editors

What the old computer had to say about happiness The Editors ▪▪

The equation The Editors

Grown-up planets The Editors

Yoga (1967-1)

Equals1 Yoga front.png
How to be really ourselves The Editors

From the Sufis The Editors

The Tree of Knowledge L. Vivant

Why is an apple red? Te Ana Vava ••

Laser of consciousness P. Daniel ••

Yoga for a 10-year-old Medhananda ••

In the star bar Space Traveller

Secret meeting Alexandre Ousios ••

Of tracts and brochures Girimurti •••